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It Has Been A While

Hasn’t it?

I don’t know if anyone is still checking this blog for updates but, if you are, I have several important announcements to make.

First of all, Mall Cop Diary will not be published after all.

Mall Cop Diary will not be published because I have decided to go with Guards Gone Wild! as the title for my book.

Why? Why do that when I had my heart set on Mall Cop Diary?

The reason is simple. As I continued to write new chapters for Mall Cop Diary, I couldn’t help but recall episodes from other work sites besides the mall. As a security guard, I have worked at condominiums, a department store, a hospital, office buildings, schools, shopping malls and warehouses. So as I was recalling episodes from those other work sites, I couldn’t help but feel it would be a shame if I didn’t include those stories in my book.

But if I did that, it wouldn’t feel right to call it Mall Cop Diary anymore. So I decided on Guards Gone Wild! as the more appropriate title.

I completed my manuscript some time during the first week of December 2015 and, after correcting all errors spotted by my hardworking editor, sent it out to 4 publishers based in Singapore on the 21st. Right now, I can only wait patiently for a positive response.

Having said all that, I have a couple of confessions to make.

The first is that I am actually a security guard based in Singapore. When I wrote the posts for this blog, I used a generic English voice and generic English names for the characters in my stories. That was done because I wanted to break into the American market and see my books sold in American book stores like Barnes and Noble.

However, when I reviewed the stories I had written using that generic English voice, I found it lacking in flavor. There are some interesting practices unique to the private security industry in Singapore and I couldn’t mention them at all because I was eager to sound American.

So I changed my mind about trying to break into the American market and paid attention to hearth and home. Now, I feel, my stories are more colorful but I no longer sound like I am a mall cop working in the USA.

The second thing I would like to confess is that the “mall” mentioned in this blog is actually a department store located within a downtown mall in Singapore. Because the store was located INSIDE a mall and my sphere of responsibility sometimes intersect with that of the guards working for the mall, I felt justified in calling myself a “mall cop”.

In Guards Gone Wild!, the stories that took place at the store are filed under DEPARTMENT STORE WHERE I WAS MOSTLY A VILLAIN. While the mall stories are filed under MALL WITH THE MIYAGI COMPONENT.

Oh, and I am no longer a “mall cop” working at a department store. I had to leave the store under unpleasant conditions. What happened? I broke down the story of my ousting into two chapters – Knifer and Aftermath. What happened was that an in-house supervisor threatened me with a knife and when I reported him, I found myself ousted (not officially dismissed) from my work place.

For more details, buy my book when it gets published! 🙂

Oh, by the way, if you would like to continue to support me, please check out my new blog. I set it up in order to promote Guards Gone Wild!.

Here’s the link:

We also have a Facebook page:

Teck Y. Loh


One Response to “It Has Been A While”

  1. Dear Mall Cop…
    Might there by any chance be a progress report about how things on the book are going? Looking forward to hearing from you.
    regards… Kiwidutch 🙂

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