Mall Cop Diary
In(s)ane Ramblings Of A Mall Cop


2 artists have contributed their drawings for this contest. One of these designs will be chosen to be the cover design for my upcoming book, Mall Cop Diary. And the artist will become the Illustrator for my book as well. I have decided that some decent pictures will help accentuate the humor in my stories.

So please play your part in the success of my upcoming book and vote for your favorite design! Click on the images to view them in their full-sized glory.


3 Responses to “Contest!”

  1. I like the art on the left better, but the overall design on the right. I think it’s the sheer volume of colours (I’m not sold on the cartoony text against that ragged-wallpaper background, either). Maybe something simpler, like a white cover with that image, so the text stands out better?

  2. I went for the one on the left. However, I think there is way too much going on. I would take the cop pic out of the white and blue box and let it run free at a much larger size on the right. The background could be a plain colour rather than the ragged wallpaper style as the previous commentator said.

    I don’t know what a mall cop looks like, so I don’t know if the pic on cover B is accurate, but the proportion of image to text is not well balanced. The main title is too small and easily missed and I’m not keen on vertical text. It’s usually hard to read.

  3. You need more entires before you choose… Like Pie I have no clue what mall cop should look like so wouldn’t know where to start.
    YOU should at least start with a graphic artist… covers sell books, you need to put a LOT of effort into the cover.( …and I mean massive, if you are interested in selling copies at all)
    Your book will be witty and light and thoughful, the cover needs to reflect that. It also has to attract people, people WILL judge the book by it’s cover.

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