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Time Carded!

Today I was introduced to the evil Time Card.

Hitherto, I was able to avoid having to use a time card like the rest of the employees because I was considered to be only a weekend ‘relief guard’, and not as important as a full-time staff. So no one ever thought of giving me a time card.

And I will make use of this opportunity to answer the questions sent in by some of my readers. They wanted to know why all of my updates took place during the weekends and why they didn’t see my latest posts when they visited my blog on a Saturday or Sunday.

The reason is because when I started working on my manuscript, I decided to take some time off work to work on my book (and blog). Thus, I became a weekend mall cop instead of a full-time one. Due to the long hours at work, I can never find the energy to update my blog immediately after work, so I usually do that on the Mondays or Tuesdays. Because I wish to remain faithful to the ‘plot’ so to speak, I date my blog posts on the Saturdays or Sundays when the incidents happened.

Ok, back to the story now. So as I was saying, I managed to escape the evil time card due to my status as a ‘relief guard’, but recently my chronic lateness was noticed by management staff. Just yesterday, a manager wondered out loud how I managed to be late for work regularly and have some ready-made excuse every single time.

I got cheeky and told him that one of my internet friends just died so I had to attend a funeral in the World of Warcraft. Then I mentally face-palmed myself when I remembered that I used the same excuse before.

Thus, it came as no surprise to me today when I was presented with my very own time card.

By: A Mall Cop


3 Responses to “Time Carded!”

  1. A virtual funeral is indeed a cute excuse for being late.

  2. Time cards suck.. Post when you can… I just like to read the posts…

    For me, its entertaining..



  3. Don’t let the time cards stop you. You just post any time you can. I will look forward to it.

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