Mall Cop Diary
In(s)ane Ramblings Of A Mall Cop


Not too long ago, I read this news article about a mall cop in England who mistook a daddy taking pictures of his son to be a pedophile.

Yes, due to the incomprehensible behaviour of some shoppers and the hereditary* suspicious nature of mall cops, unfortunate misunderstandings like that tend to crop up nine times out of ten.

Having learned my lesson, I declined to pass judgment when a middle-aged Japanese businessman approached me to inquire if we have life-sized Hannah Montana dolls in the department store. Reasonable doubt, dear readers. There could be so many reasonable reasons why a middle-aged man would want a life-sized doll of Hannah Montana.

In my upcoming book, this snippet here will be expanded into a full-length chapter, tentatively titled ‘Mall Misunderstandings.’

By: A Mall Cop

* We inherit it from our job.


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