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Thanks Mula!

Dear readers,

You may have noticed that I just changed my gravatar from the default WordPress one to a cute cartoon of a mall cop. This is the artistic creation of an artist known to his internet friends as ‘Mula’. If you like his work and would like to contact him, you may do so here. I will forward all messages to him.

By: A Mall Cop With New Gravatar


2 Responses to “Thanks Mula!”

  1. Hi Mall Cop,

    Here’s a true but way too embarassing story. (We survived, didn’t want anyone to be holding their breath here)…

    My son and I were at our local mall. He never learned to walk, only run. So he was about 16 months. We were in a (snotty) boutique at the local mall, in a fitting room that only had “saloon doors” and at the moment that I was only in bras and panties, he slid out the door and started running. I hollered to the teen age clerks to catch him and help, and they ignored me. I ran out the door in bras and panties, (FYI – I do not resemble an underwear model) and tried to chase him. He slipped out the front door of the store. I hollered again at the two sales clerks, who were idly lollygagging at the register – “Catch him!!! He’s getting away!!!” and I ran back into the dressing room and jumped back into my t-shirt and jeans. I left my purse and shoes behind in the dressing room and ran to the register. I said “Did you get him? Where is he?” And they both looked offended. “Your child problem is not OUR fault!” they simpered!!! I shouted “Help! Help!” and ran out the door. I could just barely see my son at the far end of the mall, almost out of sight, running into a huge department store. My shouts of “Help!!!” “Help grab him!!!” were ignored by everyone except….. (drumroll please) the handsome and brave Mall Cop!!!! My hero!!!!!!

    Stand brave and true, Mall Cop, you are Every (overweight & pudgy) Mother’s dream come true!!!

    • Ha! What a kid! Running before he could walk! 😀

      And making his poor mom chase after him too!

      Was there anything in the store that was particularly attractive to him? Candies? Was that why he ran to the store?

      Yeah, some people tend to have a different understanding of ‘Responsibility’. If I were working in the store, I would have grabbed the little kid before he ran out. Was he a fast runner?

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