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Helpfulness Doesn’t Pay

So I was stationed at the toy section in the department store, when I heard a plaintive whine for help.

“Come on boys, you don’t want this Nerf gun! Look! It has only got 12 darts! You will only get bored with it. 12 darts won’t go far, boys. Let’s come back another day when they have better guns, okay?” whined the daddy with two boys.

Did I just hear an unsatisfied customer? Yes! I thought to myself. Now, even though I am a mall cop and I am sometimes forced to defy the wilful whims of shoppers, I like to see a satisfied customer just as much as any sales assistant out there.

So I approached the hapless trio, and helpfully pointed out the shelf (just behind the daddy) which was loaded with boxes and boxes of Nerf refill darts.

I beamed with professional pride as the two little boys squealed with delight (bless their little hearts!), and happily discussed their plan for this evening’s entertainment, which included their new Nerf guns and the family cat. As I helped carry the boxes of Nerf refill darts to the cashier, I observed that daddy seemed much less enthusiastic than his boys. In fact, he looked positively unhappy!

Why? I wondered. Sometimes, being helpful just doesn’t pay, I guess.

By: A Mall Cop


One Response to “Helpfulness Doesn’t Pay”

  1. He didn’t want to buy the gun, but you weren’t to know that. He could’ve done it the old school way, like this: “We can’t afford it, so you can’t have it.” I guess trying to persuade them the gun was no good was a much gentler way of dealing with it – until you derailed him.

    It’s hard being a Mall Cop. I wouldn’t want your job.

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