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Treasure Hunters

Last week, we had a group of high-school scavenger hunters rampaging helter-skelter through the mall.

And today, I encountered two rather young (aged 3 and 4) intrepid treasure hunters. Let me make this clear right from the very beginning. Treasure hunting is NOT scavenger hunting, a fact which the siblings took great effort to explain.

See, during a scavenger hunt, you have a group of unruly participants running any old how round the place looking for meaningless random objects. A treasure hunter knows what he (or she) is looking for, Noah (aged 4) explained, as he and his sister looked up from their close scrutiny of the floor.

And from what I discerned from the behavior of the two treasure hunters, they tend to crawl on all fours and scrutinize the floor for pay dirt. No running recklessly around for treasure hunters.

And suddenly, the little ones squealed with delight as their trained eye picked out something I couldn’t see. They then triumphantly waved their grubby little paws at my face as I bent down to witness their good fortune. Ah… glittering gold dust…

At the mall, we sometimes use golden balls and leaves for decorative purpose and the residue gold dust must have been noticed by the junior prospectors, who lost no time in collecting them.

Another difference between scavenger hunters and treasure hunters, is that treasure hunters find real treasure and get to sell them for “big cars and toys”, the siblings explained as their parents came to pick them up. And still cupping the precious “gold” protectively in their hands, they left the mall.

I waved good-bye and understandably, they did not wave back.

By: A Mall Cop


One Response to “Treasure Hunters”

  1. Those kids will make their fortune, you mark my words…

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