Mall Cop Diary
In(s)ane Ramblings Of A Mall Cop

3-Strikes Gavin

Gavin was the most talkative and annoying mall cop on the team, and this is the story of how he earned the nickname ‘3-Strikes’ Gavin and got himself the sack.

He was more talkative than usual and annoyed an attractive sales assistant. She filed a complaint. That was first strike.

He broke mall protocol by hiding out of sight within the mall when he was supposed to be standing outside ushering in shoppers during mall opening. That was the second strike.

After the two warnings, when he was doing mall closing, he told a customer to take her hands off the merchandise and get out. And was overheard by a manager. That’s his third strike.

He’s out. I don’t really miss him. I only thought about him today because some kids asked me where’s ‘Uncle Gavin’? I told them he moved to a bigger mall in the country where he will have a lot more space to roam about. I think they believed me. Suckers! 😀

By: A Mall Cop


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