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Garlic cookies and other oddities

Normally, the exhibition hall was about as exciting as the products it exhibited: stainless steel cooking utensils or garden ornaments. Today, it was a riot of colors and smells. Wooden stalls displaying tarts, cookies and other more exotic pastries have sprung up overnight.

Stopping occasionally to look at some of the more appetizing products, like the pineapple tarts and chocolate cookies for example, I made my way to the sentry post. Which was unfortunately next to a stall that’s into … alternative pastries.

So throughout my shift, I had to endure the smell of freshly baked garlic cookies.  They also have jars of crunchy oval-shaped biscuits suspiciously named ‘Cat’s Tongue’. I tried very hard not to speculate what they are really made out of.

By: A Mall Cop


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