Mall Cop Diary
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Cosmic Conspiracy

I am now more convinced than ever that there’s a cosmic conspiracy against me.

Sentry duty at the mall meant you had to stay fixed at one spot, with nothing to entertain you except the continuous display of Brownian motion of ne’er-do-wells masquerading as ‘paying customers’.

Many shoppers later, I was totally Zen-ed out. And while random happy thoughts swirled around in my head, I was wearing what must have been a beatific smile on my face.

At that exact moment, a lady who was wearing a loose blouse and standing right in front of me chose to bent over to pick up her shopping bag. Regretfully, she jumped to the obvious but erroneous conclusion.

As she hurriedly stood up to protect her modesty, she shot me a Look and hurried away.

I am guessing she didn’t lodge a complaint, because the rest of my shift passed by without any interference from Management.

By: A Mall Cop


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