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I made a girl cry

Today brought me face-to-face with New Guy. He was assigned to the same cushy sit-down spot for the second day in a row.

In other news, I made a 6 year old girl cry.

You see, we have this rule about not letting in drippy ice-creams into the nice carpeted exhibition hall. So it was my unpleasant duty to stop Missy from entering and committing carpet vandalism. Her mother was one of those responsible parents you hear about all the time (but never encountered), and firmly told Missy to stay put at the entrance while mommy does her shopping.

And Missy burst into tears at this reasonable request.

After some ‘cajoling’, and the use of some choice words such as ‘stupid girl’ and ‘spanking’, Missy agreed (under protest) to finish her nice ice-cream while mommy does her shopping.

It must have been such a ‘harrowing’ ordeal for a child, when she has to finish her ice-cream in the cool comforts of a shopping mall. Because throughout her ice-cream break, Missy was staring balefully at me through red-rimmed eyes. Finally, her ‘stout’ little heart could not stand the pangs of separation any longer, and throwing a perfectly good ice-cream into the bin, she ran into the hall crying for her mummy – who was just standing only 20 feet away from the entrance in plain view of little Missy.

You think Missy had it bad? What about the innocent mall cop who was merely carrying out his duty? While Missy was crying and eating her ice-cream right beside me, inquisitive shoppers were looking at us and wondering what the big bad mall cop did to the poor Barbie.

By: A Mall Cop


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