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Brown Noser

January 31, 2010

So tonight, I received instructions from a mall manager (there’s more than one of them) to make sure the night shift guard knows exactly where the fire extinguishers are. Dude arrived and I informed him “Alex (the manager) wants me to show you where the extinguishers are”. “Any questions?” I asked. “Just one,” he replied […]

Garlic cookies and other oddities

January 30, 2010

Normally, the exhibition hall was about as exciting as the products it exhibited: stainless steel cooking utensils or garden ornaments. Today, it was a riot of colors and smells. Wooden stalls displaying tarts, cookies and other more exotic pastries have sprung up overnight. Stopping occasionally to look at some of the more appetizing products, like […]

Another Lost Girl

January 24, 2010

When I reported for work today, I couldn’t see the noob from last week. Yes, the one who insisted he can’t work in an air-conditioned environment. Unfortunately, because everyone bet on him to leave, there was no winner. And in other news, another careless child wandered away from her parents. There she was, wearing a […]

Cosmic Conspiracy

January 23, 2010

I am now more convinced than ever that there’s a cosmic conspiracy against me. Sentry duty at the mall meant you had to stay fixed at one spot, with nothing to entertain you except the continuous display of Brownian motion of ne’er-do-wells masquerading as ‘paying customers’. Many shoppers later, I was totally Zen-ed out. And […]

I made a girl cry

January 17, 2010

Today brought me face-to-face with New Guy. He was assigned to the same cushy sit-down spot for the second day in a row. In other news, I made a 6 year old girl cry. You see, we have this rule about not letting in drippy ice-creams into the nice carpeted exhibition hall. So it was […]

The New Guy

January 16, 2010

The canteen was buzzing with the voices of resentment over the noob who arrived today. Seemed like the mandatory one week classroom training failed to prepare Mr Noob for the real world of mall policing. He complained about the air-conditioning and requested for an outdoors post, which incidentally, allows him the opportunity to sit down. […]